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Bronx Dance Theatre

Public School Residencies

Public School Residencies

Since 1979 the Bronx Dance Theatre has brought the Art of Dance to over 60 local Bronx Public Schools in grades K-12 and for the past 9 years BDT has been a part of the Cultural After School Adventures . 


CASA is currently funded through the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York City Council. This year BDT will continue to bring Dance to Bronx Public Schools; PS 36, PS 105 and PS 69 , through the efforts of Councilwomen Annabel Palma and Councilman James Vacca.

In addition BDT will continue its work with the Culutural Immigrant Initiatives Programs in PS 357, PS 71 and PS 32. Other Residencies include PS 83.

We have taught many techniques in our Residencies including; Classical Ballet, Broadway Jazz, Flamenco, West African, Tap, Hip-Hop, Belly Dance and Bollywood too!

Bronx Dance Theatre residencies provide opportunities for artistic development in accordance with the NYC Blueprint for Dance.

Our classes are set up to develop: strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, rhythm, musicality, sequencing, patterns and phrasing We provide young students with the ability to communicate themes, concepts and ideas through dance movements.

Strength, stamina, flexibility and physical coordination are developed through increasingly complex sequences of movement. These sequences are translated into themed choreography that is presented at a final culminating event for fellow students and parents.